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Oxygen Treatment for other conditions

Oxygen Treatment

Oxygen Treatment (HBOT or Oxygen Therapy) is the medical use of oxygen in a pressurised environment. Breathing pure oxygen through a mask during one hour sessions in our pressurised barochamber increases the oxygen level in the bloodstream. This encourages the body to begin healing itself, generating new stem cells and repairing damaged tissues.

Initially installed by people with MS who found that it helped relieve symptoms, the chamber (along with many of our other services) has been opened up to people with other conditions.

There is evidence that Oxygen Treatment can help with the following conditions:

Oxygen Treatment protocols:

If you decide that Oxygen Treatment is something you would like to continue with, you will be placed on a oxygen treatment protocol:

Protocol 1:

MS, CFS, ME, Parkinson's, Sensorineural Hearing Loss - 15 session block.

Protocol 2:

Anemia, Arthritis, Brain Injury, Burns, Cluster Headaches, Crohn's / Colitis, CPS, Crush Injuries, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Osteomyelitis - 20 session block.

Protocol 3:

Cancer, Chronic Would, Diabetic Leg Ulcers, Migraine, Sports Injury, Stroke - 30 session block.

Protocol 4:

Radionecrosis - 40 session block.

Protocol 5:

Children's Sessions - 20 Session Block.

Oxygen Treatment has hugely helped my health. I think it should be recommended to all people with M.E.client with M.E
Very appreciative of my experience I have had at the MS centre. Extremely efficient, friendly and welcoming staff.client with fibromyalgia

Booking and Prices

Each new client needs to go through a protocol specific to their condition - either 15, 20 or 30 sessions. This saturates the system with oxygen to maximise benefits. Sessions cost £17.50 each for long-term health conditions and £25 for other conditions.

Start your Treatment

Give us a call on 0131 554 5384. We can send you our Registration form and book you in for a trial session providing there is no medical reason that you shouldn't have Oxygen Treatment.