All our treatments and therapies are heavily subsided and run on a minimum contribution (payment) basis. This system operates for those who are able to financially contribute towards the cost of their therapies and/or treatments. However, it is our undertaking to never turn away anyone who needs our help. The Centre operates a Therapy Support Fund (TSF). This Fund is supported through Donations and Fundraising Activities and it enables us to maintain on average a 50% subsidy on our specialised services and support therapies, and also to waive the minimum contribution to people living with long term health conditions on means-tested benefits who are unable to financially contribute. Oxygen Treatment, one to one Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Group Physiotherapy and Exercise Classes are all supported through our TSF.

The charity is still heavily reliant upon fundraising, external donations and support from our local community and beyond in order to provide the Therapy Support Fund and maintain all our services.

Charges for services

Oxygen Treatment

The minimum contribution is £17.50 for clients with MS and other long-term health conditions and £25 for other conditions


1:1 Physio appointments cost £25. If we have asked that you have an assessment before joining a class then there will be no charge for that.


Acupuncture costs £25. 'Group' acupuncture costs £96 for 8 sessions..


Physio classes cost £56 for 8 weeks (including one week of 'measures'. Yoga and Pilates cost £64 for 8 weeks.


Sessions cost £25 for an hour long treatment.


Sessions cost £25 for an hour long treatment.


45 minute sessions, donation only.


Sessions take 60-90 minutes, donation only.

Cancellation Policy

This policy outlines procedures for cancelling treatments and therapies that are fair and reasonable for all involved and cost-effective for the Centre. Read our full Cancellation Policy here

Accessing our treatment and services: the process explained.


All new clients must complete a Client Registration and Assessment Form, children over 13 years should use the adult forms. SEE BELOW

In order to plan your treatment and provide you with a Personal Treatment Plan we need to understand you and your needs. So we ask questions about you and your conditions and any other conditions or illnesses you may have, medications and about any physical and/or psychological difficulties you are facing


We write to your GP and/or Consultant informing them of your request for support at the MS Therapy Centre, and ask them to confirm your diagnosis or condition, suitability for treatment at the Centre, and your medications.

Personal Therapy Plan

Finally, you will be asked to attend an assessment meeting with a qualified member of staff and/or a member of our physiotherapy team, where we discuss and agree your treatment protocol, and Personal Therapy Plan.