How We Started

The charity was established by and for those with MS to access specialist physio and oxygen therapy.  A vital community was created which became much more than offering therapies. This same spirit continues today. 

The centre is part of a network offering oxygen therapy which grew in the 1980s from the first centre in Dundee in 1982 to over 60 centres throughout the UK. The Centres were initially called ARMS (Action and Research for Multiple Sclerosis), later changing their name to MS Therapy Centres.

Initially, many people from Edinburgh went to Dundee for treatment, so our own independent Centre was opened in Edinburgh in 1984. Treatments in Edinburgh doubled in the first year alone.

Where we are Now

The charity has grown and developed over the years and now employs a Strategic Development Manager, one full-time and 4 part-time staff members alongside 3 physiotherapists.  Our Complementary Therapies are provided by self-employed therapists with lots of experience of working with people with neurological and other long-term conditions.

We also have an amazing team of volunteers who help us provide around 7000 therapies per year.