Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the therapeutic use of oxygen in a pressurised environment. Our barochambers were initially installed by people with MS, who found that it helped to relieve symptoms, such as fatigue, poor balance, mobility and poor bladder control. Although there is no cure for MS and some other long-term health conditions, there is evidence that Oxygen Therapy may be effective in slowing down MS as well as other conditions.

Our barochambers can seat up to 8 people, including manual and some electric wheelchairs. During our one-hour sessions, you will be breathing in pure oxygen through a mask, this increases oxygen levels in the bloodstream, encouraging the body to accelerate healing, generating new stem cells, repairing damaged tissues and limiting scar formation (known to prevent the restoration of the nerve function).

Understanding Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy has been shown to:

  • Increase oxygen delivery to injured tissues and stop further tissue damage.
  • Prevent and/or reduce swelling.
  • Increase bone recovery and improve peripheral nerve regeneration.
  • Improve the immune system response and blood vessel formation.
  • Promote wound healing.
  • Eliminate toxins and reduce effects from toxic substances.
  • Increase muscular force and reduce fatigue and muscle spasm.
  • Increase the effect of some antibiotics and relieve pain.

How can Oxygen Therapy help?

According to research, Oxygen Therapy can help with the following neurological conditions:

  • FibromyalgiaRead more.
  • ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Read more.
  • Diabetic Ulcers & Wound Healing – Oxygen Therapy can stimulate healing in stubborn wounds. Read more.
  • Sport Injuries – The anti-inflammatory properties of Oxygen Therapy can reduce healing time and improve long term results. Read more.
  • Lyme Disease – There is evidence that Oxygen Therapy can reduce symptoms in Lyme Disease. Read more.
  • Arthritis – Oxygen Therapy can reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis. Read more.
  • IBS/Crohn’s Disease – The anti-inflammatory action of Oxygen Therapy can reduce the symptoms of IBS. Read more.