At MSTC Lothian, we have three physiotherapists who combine vast experience with specialist interest in supporting people with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological conditions. We are committed to keeping up to date with all the key advances in this area and making sure you experience an improvement in your body after every session.

How can physiotherapy help you with your condition?

Physiotherapy can play a big part in helping you manage your condition.  Working your muscles will help contribute to giving you a healthy lifestyle and helping you ease some of your painful symptoms. It will also help improve your mood, fatigue and energy levels, blood pressure, etc.

Our team will guide you through every step of your treatment, providing you with general fitness advice as well as exercises you can do in your own time, how to keep yourself active and what biometrics to keep track of. If you are a parent caring for a young child or a carer for another adult, we will provide you with advice on how to best support those you care for to deal with the effects of their conditions.


Every condition has its own painful symptoms, but with our physiotherapy, we can provide you some relief for the following:

  • Balance and mobility problems – Whether you are struggling to walk due to a foot drop or exert too much energy, our physiotherapists will help you work on your problem areas through F.E.S (Functional Electrical Stimulator) and Mobility Equipment.

  • Joint stiffness – If your joints ache, frequently in your kneecaps or shoulders, our physiotherapists can advise on suitable exercises to reduce pain in your joints caused by any underlying conditions causing it.

  • Spasticity management and positioning – Depending on your condition, you may experience spasticity, which is the increased resistance you feel when stretching your muscle, this normally results from damage to your central nervous system. Our physiotherapists will help you improve your functionality by strengthening the necessary muscles that are your ability to walk, sit, etc.


If you are planning to follow up or transfer to another physiotherapist (if circumstances change), we will help you work towards your next steps and prepare you for your new physiotherapist.

If you are new to physiotherapy, you will need to go through our physiotherapy assessment, so that we can devise the most appropriate treatment plan for you. To register, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

1:1 Physio

For new members, we would recommend you join our 1:1 physio, where you will be paired with one of our physiotherapists. They will assess your condition and the type of symptoms that has impacted on your body and therefore aid you in improving our mobility, functionality and pain tolerance.

We run a variety of classes each week. Our classes are aimed at supporting maintenance of fitness and mobility, which can be used as a part of rehabilitation programmes through structured and supervised sessions. Seated and standing classes are also available and can cater for a wide range of abilities.

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