Functional Electrical Stimulator

FES Assessments

Our Lead Physiotherapist, Gillian Robinson, has specialist training in FES. FES is most often used to manage a dropped foot, which can help to improve walking pattern, and reduce the energy expended whilst walking. This involves using an electrical signal to stimulate muscles in the lower leg during walking. Once a person has been assessed as suitable, the units used for this can be fitted by our physio and issued on a trial basis.

FES devices consist of a small control box, about the size of a pack of cards, which is either worn on your leg or around your waist. A sensor worn in your shoe (heel switch) detects pressure changes as your foot starts to lift, electrodes attached below the knee apply the electrical signals to the leg. If you have foot drop, these signals can usually help lift the foot to the correct angle for taking a step and prevent it dragging on the ground.

Credit: MS Society

Mobility Equipment Assessments

Our Physiotherapy team can assess your current mobility and make recommendations that will assist you in your daily living and help to make life that little bit easier. We are happy to advise on any equipment you may be considering and can refer you to the Smart Centre which provides a wide range of mobility and postural services (wheelchairs and special seating), orthotics, electronic assistive technologies as well as a disabled living centre and gait analysis service.