Long Covid

What is Long Covid? How can we help?

Treatment and Management

Post Covid-19 syndrome is a new health issue and until effective treatments can be developed health practitioners can only give advice on self-management, with the option of supported self‑management and offer support from primary care, community, rehabilitation and mental health services.

Oxygen Therapy and Long Covid

Some of the symptoms associated with Long COVID closely mimic conditions such as Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ME as well as MS, which are characterized by persistent fatigue, ‘brain fog', weakness, joint pain, depression, and non-restorative sleep.

Many of our MS, ME and CFS clients find relief from their symptoms through regular Oxygen Therapy sessions. Clients have reported that symptoms such as fatigue, “brain fog”, insomnia and neurological effects respond well to Oxygen Therapy.

"I was diagnosed with M.E. / CFS in 2012.  The illness left me with extreme exhaustion, joint pain, muscle spasms and I would sleep for days on end without feeling refreshed. After meeting with Fife ME Support Group, I was advised to try Oxygen Therapy, I did some research and contacted the Centre.  

I have now been attending Oxygen Therapy for 4 years now and am amazed at the results.  I still have absence days from work but only 3 days maximum at a time, not 3 months.  I have also stopped taking Gabapentin as the muscle spasms have vastly subsided. 

The staff at the centre are incredible, they are knowledgeable and are very supportive.  Not only have I found treatment that helps me to cope with my illness on a day-to-day basis, but I have also found a very special group of friends within the centre, not only with the staff but with other clients who attend."

Diane, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Client

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